Broadband, Phone and Postal information for the Irish consumer from ComReg

Consumer Statistics Q1 January to March 2015

During the 3 month period, January to March 2015, consumers contacted ComReg’s Consumer Management Team with 5,891 issues (both queries and complaints) about their fixed and mobile phones, premium rate services, internet and postal service.

Authorised Postal Service Providers

Under the postal legislation now in force, specifically Section 38(1) of the Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011 (“the 2011 Act”), there is a legal obligation on any person who is providing or intending to provide a postal service to notify ComReg, as all “postal service providers” require authorisation by ComReg.

ComReg's Postal Role

ComReg is the National Regulatory Authority for the Postal Sector in Ireland.

Cold Calls - A quick guide to preventing unwanted calls from direct marketing companies

All telephone users can register whether or not they want to receive ‘cold calls’ / ‘unsolicited calls’ to their phone   ‘Cold calling’ is when a company calls you, without getting your permission, so they can try to sell you goods or services.





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