Broadband, Phone and Postal information for the Irish consumer from ComReg

Pay TV

The majority of people in Ireland pay to receive non-Irish channels such as the BBC channels, Sports and Movies channels.  These are delivered by cable, MMDS, deflector or satellite.  (In certain parts of the country the UK terrestrial channels: BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel4/S4C can be received "off air" via a roof top aerial). 

What does ComReg Do

MMDS and deflector operators use radio spectrum to deliver programme services to people's households and are licensed by ComReg in relation to the transmission equipment.  Cable operators, like other electronic communications networks, are not subject to a licensing requirement but are subject to conditions designed to avoid interference with other networks.

What does ComReg not Do

ComReg does not have the necessary legal powers to deal with consumer complaints for this area but in relation to Irish based operators will relay any complaint received to the relevant operator for direct reply.

Contacting other Bodies

As with other services, if you have a complaint about your pay-TV provider you should first contact your pay TV operator directly.  If they do not satisfactory resolve your complaint, depending on the nature of your complaint, you could contact the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.  Please see contact details below:
Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) (formerly National Consumer Agency)
4 Harcourt Road, Dublin 2
Consumer Helpline: 01 4025500 or LoCall 1890 432 432
Fax Number: 01 4025501



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