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Calling Northern Ireland - Use the 048 code to call fixed-line numbers


When either calling friends or relatives or doing business in Northern Ireland,  you can use a national code to access these numbers rather than using an international dialling code.
In this guide, you will receive information regarding:

• The explanation of the 048 code
• When and how to use the 048 code 

Did you know that you can call a Northern Ireland fixed-line number from the Republic using the 048 code instead of using the international dialling code 00 44?

Did you also know that calls using the 048 code may be cheaper than calls using the 00 44 code?

What is the 048 code?

The 048 code is the National Dialling Code for making calls to fixed-line numbers in Northern Ireland. You can also use the international dialling code for the United Kingdom (00 44) to call Northern Ireland numbers.
All operators providing telecommunications services must allow the 048 code to be used on their networks. It is still possible to use the international dialling code for the United Kingdom (00 44) to call Northern Ireland numbers, but calls made this way may be more expensive.

When should I use the 048 code?

All Northern Ireland fixed-line telephone numbers are prefixed by 028. If you are calling a fixed-line number in Northern Ireland from the Republic, replace the 028 code with 048. For example, to call Belfast 028 90 123456 from the Republic, you should dial 048 90 123456


What phone charges will I have to pay when I use the 048 code?

Generally operators must charge a national rate for calls using the 048 prefix. In some circumstances, for example for calls to adjoining areas, 048 calls may be billed at local rates.
The cost of the national or local calls will vary depending on which service operator you use. Please contact your service provider for information about their charges.

Are calls to Northern Ireland numbers using the 00 44 code billed at a national rate?

Not necessarily – calls to the Northern Ireland fixed-line numbers using the international dialling code (00 44) do not have to be billed at a national rate. While some service providers bill these calls at national or local rates, others bill them at international rates. Please contact your service provider for details.
However, to make sure that your call charges are minimised, you should always use the 048 prefix for making calls to fixed-line numbers in Northern Ireland.

Can the 048 code be used to call a mobile phone number in Northern Ireland?

No – when calling a UK mobile phone number, whether or not the person is in Northern Ireland at the time, you must use the 00 44 UK International code. It is not possible to use the 048 code.

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