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Complaints and Queries

Every consumer is entitled to receive a minimum quality of service from their communications provider.  ComReg's policy in relation to complaints and queries is set out below:


ComReg's consumer team provides information to consumers and businesses who have queries about the telecoms and postal markets, or who are having difficulties with telecoms or postal services.

In the event of a dispute, we will advise callers of how to go about making a formal complaint. If the caller’s complaint fails, we can contact the operator directly, put forward their complaint, and seek an official response.

In addition, we monitor all of the complaints that come in and escalate any potential breaches of regulation. We also examine trends in customer complaints and can raise any persistent problems with the provider in question.

ComReg's complaint resolution powers

Under the 2002 legislation, ComReg has been given a function to investigate consumer complaints. Our ability to act upon a consumer's complaint depends on the details of the complaint and our relevant legal powers. For issues that have a direct regulatory bearing, for example, contravention of a regulatory obligation, then ComReg can intervene to address the issue. Where communications companies supply products or services which do not fall within the definition of "electronic communications services" (ie mobile phone handsets, telephone answering machines, pay TV services), ComReg cannot act directly on the consumer's behalf. However, the operator's own procedures should be used for seeking redress.

It is important to note that ComReg does not currently prescribe compensation as a remedy for any consumer complaint. Operators may, depending on the circumstances, offer compensation as a goodwill gesture but this is totally at their discretion.

Complaining to your operator

Who to contact

You should always contact your operator first if you have a complaint or a query. ComReg has established frameworks on a Code of Conduct for the handling of consumer complaints by telecommunications operators. Each operator's code sets out the procedure for making a complaint and the level of service that you as a customer can expect. Operators should provide a copy of their code of conduct to any customer who requests a copy. Most operators have a copy available on their website.

If you are not satisfied with the initial response to your complaint, you can request that the complaint is escalated to a higher level within the organization.   

Lodging your complaint/query with ComReg

ComReg can seek to resolve disputes between consumers and operators where the operator's own dispute resolution process has broken down.

Tips for making a complaint


Checklist when contacting ComReg about a complaint


Ø     Has the issue causing the complaint occured in the last 9 months ?

Ø      Have you followed the service provider’s complaint handling procedures ?

Ø    Are you the account holder? (Generally the service provider will only deal with the account holder, however, in some circumstances ComReg will work with other people or organisations.)


Details you should give ComReg about your complaint


Ø       Your contact details including a mobile telephone number if possible.

Ø       The account name and account number.

Ø       Details of the complaint, including the complaint reference number.

Ø       Details of previous dealings with the service provider.

Ø       A clear idea of what you hope to achieve by raising your complaint.


ComReg can only investigate a complaint if the consumer has firstly exhausted an operator's complaint handling process as set out in its Code of Conduct for Complaint Handling.  

Provided the issue has occured in the previous 9 months, ComReg will examine whether the subject matter of the complaint falls within our powers. If so, ComReg will review the details of your individual complaint and if appropriate, will intervene with the Operator to re-examine the complaint in light of any relevant regulatory obligations.

Once referred, the operator remains responsible for both maintaining contact with the customer and resolving the issue itself. ComReg will monitor progress within this process and once notified by the operator that the matter has been closed, our consumer team may decide to contact the customer to ensure the complaint is resolved.


Click here for ComReg's online query / complaint submission form.

Alternatively, you can call ComReg's Consumer line on 1890 229 668.

Complaints about postal services

Please click here for information on making a complaint about the postal service in Ireland.

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